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As a non-profit and a for impact organisation, our vision is to have a positive impact on people's lives and on society in general through our work. The prices we are asking for our retreats make it possible for us to keep organising these retreats in a safe setting, and our guides to be paid fairly for their work.


This is however still a large amount, which is why some people who would like to partake in this type of retreat, cannot afford it. Therefore, we have started to support low-income participants based on donations. For this, participants can apply for a low-income waiting list, through which they can participate at a reduced rate, whenever we have sufficient funds.


If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small, to contribute to the "low income pot" and help a future participant in need, you can do so with the following QR-code : 


Or you can use the following bank information: 

Eremia VZW
BE34 7360 7504 1890  

Communication "Low income donation"

We will also do our best to keep the donators up to date as to when the amount is reached and how many people have been helped by this.

Warm regards,

The Eremia team. 

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