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With many psychedelic retreats, and even with clinical trials, there is often too little focus on aftercare, integration and/or the creation of a support network. The combined costs of preparation, the retreat itself, and individual talk therapy afterwards, can add up quickly, and  not everyone has the means or the necessary support system.


Therefore Eremia, in collaboration with PSBE, will be organizing monthly HOLDING SPACE gatherings. These integration sessions are for anyone who went through a psychedelic journey and would like to share it with others.  


We aim to provide these at a minimum cost (€30,-) to keep them as accessible as possible. In case this amount is still too high, please reach out and let us know.

To join the HOLDING SPACE gatherings, fill in the form below. By registering, you will receive a newsletter that will keep you informed about the dates & locations of the upcoming gatherings. 



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