There is a lot more to our Unlock retreats than just taking a psychedelic substance. It's an inward journey aimed at resolving or understanding personal issues one is dealing with. 

Participants are assisted by professional therapists in the preparation for a psychedelic journey, which takes place in a safe and supervised context. 

During the retreats there is a minimum of one guide per 3 participants. At least one of the guides has a medical background. As a way to prepare for the psychedelic journey, we use make use of group therapy. 


Afterwards, individual talk therapy serves as a way to integrate the various elements of the psychedelic experience into daily life. 

The framework we provide is how we believe Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy will look like in the future. 

We are not a trip-sitting service.


In the Netherlands, the use of some psychedelics, unlike in Belgium, is permitted.

Several centres in the Netherlands offer psychedelic journeys, often without therapeutic support.


Eremia wants to respond to the demand and cry for help of Belgian residents who want to follow this journey with a Belgian psychologist or therapist. To facilitate this in a legal way, we have chosen a peaceful location in the Netherlands.


We will proceed in this way in anticipation of a legal framework for psychedelics in Belgium, and do not make any promises or mental health claims. 

We believe that everyone should have the right to experience psychedelics in a safe setting. If you want to learn more about how your donation can help others, click the button below.