Lennart Cok

Lennart is a clinical psychologist and the driving force behind erēmia. He believes that a different way of working is needed to make a difference in mental health care, the vision for a holistic center emerged in 2018. He strongly believes in the power of direct, authentic communication. For more information about his practice, visit


Nina Callens

Nina is a clinical psychologist, researcher and sexologist. She is co-founder of the non-profit and came up with the name erēmia, which is Greek for solitude & wilderness. She strongly believes in the power of relationships and how they determine our well-being. For more information about her practice and method, take a look at her website

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Alessandro Schiavoni

Alessandro is a Kambo-Practitioner, inspired by South American and African shamanic traditions.
Over the past 10 years, he has developed his own style and practice in which strength and love are the core elements. He supports erēmia out of the conviction of the beneficial combination of psychology and a simple, authentic approach, from heart to heart. For more info about his practice, visit his website


Margo Verhasselt

Margo is a clinical psychologist, yoga teacher and founder of Surlemoon. Her mission is to bring people back in touch with their true nature through yoga, meditation, bodywork as well as conversation. Her aim is to create awareness and to shine light on that which is not yet visible.
More information about her practice can be found at