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The Integration Card Game (EN)

Psychedelic Insights for Everyday Growth

€ 199,00

(€ 164,64 excl VAT)

Integration Redefined : Serious growth can be sincere fun

The game is designed to support individuals in their integration process. It offers a structured and playful platform for meaningful conversations about psychedelic experiences, and it encourages curiosity, vulnerability, and connection among players.

Who is it for? 

  • Professional use for universities and organizations facilitating psychedelic retreats

  • Personal use with friends and/or family

  • Community building 

  • Suitable for 4 -20 players

  • Intended for ages 18+

What's in the box? 

  • 200 question cards covering diverse psychedelic experiences. (12 cm x 7.8 cm) 

  • 200 token cards, 10 cards per token. (R = 5 cm)

  • Instruction manual detailing simple and advanced gameplay

  • Proudly created and produced in Belgium 

Shipping Information

Free shipping is available in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, and Luxembourg. For other countries, we will calculate the shipping costs based on the information you provide us with in the order form. Afterwards, we'll contact you with the total amount. 

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