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Julie draws on her rich experience in meditation and holistic therapy, incorporating a diverse array of techniques such as breathwork, mindful movement and fasciae release. Through these methods, she guides you on a journey of self-discovery, utilizing the body as a powerful tool to release tension, unlock buried emotions, and attain a state of inner peace and relaxation.

Our bodies serve as gateways for profound connections - with ourselves and with others. They bear witness to the imprints of our life experiences. However, the demands of our hectic daily routines often lead to a disconnection from our physical selves, trapping us within the confines of mental control towers.

The intricate interplay between our mental and physical well-being is underscored by the impact of our breath and movement. By reawakening your authentic self through the channels of your body, senses, and breath, Julie aims to guide you in cultivating a daily practice - a lifelong commitment to an embodied existence. Julie's approach is rooted in science, personalized to your unique journey, and intuitively attuned to your needs.

Contact her directly for a body therapy session and thorough guidance before and after the UNLOCK retreats.

Languages: Dutch, English & French

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