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Change the way you look at things,

and the things you look at... change.


We are a multidisciplinary team that aims to expand the current societal vision on wellbeing and quality of life by strengthening the connection between self and others as well as body and mind.

We aim to enhance people's well-being by making positive impacts on their personal, relational, societal, and professional lives.

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Individual Talks

Here you can book your appointment with our clinical psychologists. Whether it's for individual or couple talk therapy, or for the individual intake, preparation and integration sessions related to the psychedelic retreats we organize. 


Psychedelic Retreats

Experience psychedelics in a legal, safe and therapeutic group or individual setting. Our facilitators are experienced psychologists and medical healthcare workers.

We provide support before, during and after the retreat.

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Continuing the Process

As an alternative for regular talk therapy, we want to offer an embodied way to deepen and support your personal process and the integration of your journey. We provide breathwork, Tai Chi, Yoga, sauna & cold water plunges in a group setting.



Our office is easily accessible by public transport (buses 250, 251, & 821), and conveniently located near the A12 highway and the R0 of Brussels. There is always plenty of free parking space.

Our dedicated therapy spaces are used for individual or couple consultations with our experienced therapists. It also serves as the venue for the intake sessions, preparations, and individual integration talks related to the UNLOCK retreats. The retreats themselves take place on a beautiful location in the Netherlands, not too far from the Belgian border. 

Should you have any inquiries, we encourage you to explore our comprehensive FAQ page first. If your question persists, please feel free to reach out to us via email at


Zonnelaan 29

1860 Meise

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