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Pauline is a midwife and an experienced psychonaut currently completing her studies in psychedelic-assisted therapy with the AWE Foundation.
Her experiences in both medicalised and traditional settings over the continents allow her to assess clinical situations and ensure people's physical and spiritual safety. She also collaborates regularly basis with researchers to explore the potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Through her daily work with couples navigating psychological, relational, and/or sexual challenges during the perinatal period, as well as her interactions with babies, she has developed a deeper understanding of both family systems and developmental psychology. She's also been deeply shaped by the depth psychology theories of Jung and Adler, as well as Grof's transpersonal framework. In recent years, she has expanded her spiritual journey through immersive experiences with shamans in South America and Africa, while also exploring European mystical traditions.

Pauline is a lover of the mystery and a passionate explorer of liminal spaces—those transitional realms of consciousness suspended between 'what was' and 'what is yet to be'.
She reveres the sacred dimension of the transformative process and identifies herself as a midwife in a broader sense, believing that each of us is continually pregnant with equal potential for both creation/birth (of continuous renewed versions of self) and destruction/death (of old patterns). She sees these intertwined forces as guiding us toward shifts of identity and growth. Her role is akin to that of a gatekeeper or 'sage-femme' ('wise woman'), holding torches in times of chaos to guide you through your personal threshold experiences. She will facilitate a connection with your inherent resources to establish a secure foundation rooted in trust—trust in your own capacities and in the grander unfolding of the process—and enables you to transcend internal barriers to give birth to your actualized inner wisdom and resilience.

Aside from the use of entheogens, her transpersonal tools involve breathwork, systemic constellations and archetypal astrology.

Languages: French & English

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