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Meet Alessandro, a remarkable individual with a unique fusion of practical psychology and shamanism. Alessandro's approach is unlike any other, as he artfully blends various techniques such as constellations, the wisdom of plants, the power of dialogue, the healing touch, cupping, and the transformative art of breathwork.

His mission is simple but profound: to help you discover yourself in ways you've never imagined. Alessandro's methods are designed to provide you with profound self-awareness, enabling you to lead a life with a mind unclouded and a heart wide open.

You can connect with Alessandro for guidance, advice, support and especially for your preparation & integration sessions for the Eremia UNLOCK retreats. Whether you prefer an in-person session in Meise or the convenience of an online consultation, he's there to assist you on your unique journey of self-discovery. Reach out today and embark on a path of personal transformation.

Languages: Dutch & English

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