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Our Therapists


Nina is a clinical psychologist, researcher and sexologist. She is co-founder of the non-profit and strongly believes in the power of relationships and how they determine our well-being. Only returning clients can book an appointment with her for intake, preparation & integration, or for an individual consultation.


Lennart is a clinical psychologist and co-founder of Eremia. He is present for, and facilitates during every retreat.
He's currently not accepting direct bookings as he focuses on enhancing our services. Intakes can be booked with our other skilled therapists.
If you prefer to book with Lennart exclusively, kindly send an email to to request an exception. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to assisting you with our dedicated team.


Hans, a dedicated clinical psychologist and integrative psychotherapist. He believes that the key to healing mental health challenges lies in addressing and resolving the trauma that lies at their root. You can book an appointment with him for intake, preparation & integration, and for individual consultations.


Julie, a trauma-informed body therapist, believes that embodied living forms the cornerstone of both mental and physical health. She offers a supportive space to help you find relief, cultivate headspace and reclaim agency over your body. You can also book an appointment with her for intakes, preparation and integration.


Alessandro has a background in practical psychology and shamanism. His direct approach combines different techniques such as constellations, plants, open dialogue and breathwork.
You can book an appointment with him for individual consultations, intake and integration.

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