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Nina is a clinical psychologist and sexologist with a PhD in Medicine, charting her academic journey across the US and Europe. Her passion lies in unraveling the complexities of human connection, specializing in sexuality, relational well-being, and trauma.
She balances her private practice, where she guides couples and individuals, with her impactful work at Eremia. Intrigued by the potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy in trauma treatment, she envisions a landscape where altered states could also foster relational openness and intimacy.

As a co-founder of Psychedelic Society Belgium, Nina actively advocates for research on and integration of psychedelic-assisted mental health care in Belgium. Her dedication to challenging the limits of therapy underscores her belief in the transformative influence of human connections and the capacity for recovery through innovative methods.

Nina is currently expecting, and will therefore exclusively dedicate her time to existing clients. Your understanding is appreciated.

Languages: Dutch & English

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