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Change the way you look at things,

and the things you look at... change.

About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team that aims to expand the current societal vision on wellbeing and Quality of Life by strengthening the connection between self and others as well as body and mind.

Our Projects


Experience psychedelics in a legal, safe and therapeutic group or individual setting. Our facilitators are experienced psychologists and medical healthcare workers.

We provide support before, during and after the retreat.


Psychedelic experiences can be challenging, not only during the experience itself, but also afterwards when going back home. Having a community of people to share your stories and experiences with, can help you with your integration process. 


As an alternative for regular talk therapy, we want to offer an embodied way to deepen and support your personal process and the integration of your journey. We provide breathwork, Tai Chi, Yoga, sauna & cold water plunges in a group setting. 

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