Holistic Center

Erēmia was established as a non-profit in 2019. It's vision is that the current biopsychosocial model and the different medical and psychological approaches that are based on it, are necessary but insufficient to treat all of the psychological and physical complaints in our society.

By uniting experts with different backgrounds (medical, psychological, natural, spiritual,...) we want to facilitate the creation of a truly multidisciplinary vison, that takes into account all the different aspects of being human. Our aim is to expand the current societal vision on healthcare, by empathising the connection between self and other, as well with body, mind and environment.


Erēmia is situated in the Belgian province of Luxemburg, near the border with France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, surrounded by nature. We are currently in the design phase of the project and are looking for investors that share our vision. Do you wish to become a part of this, then contact us.



Individually or with your partner, family or as a group.


Use your hands and connect with wood, dirt and food.


Discover the power of that which we take for granted.


Connect with your mind & body


Thank you !